Yoga is the best procedure to stay fit. Yoga helps us to free our mind and also concentrate on any thing that we like, not only that yoga helps us in controlling the breathing, provides meditation and after a days workout at office it helps us for refreshing and rejuvenating our mind. Daily yoga activities help us to balance our body and mind. The modern world is entirely depending on medicine to prevent diseases, but here we give you some yoga asana which prevent diseases;

It helps us to vital fluids in the body. It prevents abnormal diseases and female disorders connected with the reproductive organ and also it helps us to bring peace, solitude, longevity to the practitioner.
INSTRUCTION: Sit on the ground by spreading the legs forward. Place the right foot the left thigh and the left foot on the right thigh. Place the hands on the knee joints. Keep the body, back and head erect. Eyes should be closed.

Makes the spine flexible, creates energy, and blood of the muscles of the back. Aids thefunctioning of the thyroid and thymus glands thus helping retain the individual’s youthful physical characteristics for a longer period.

INSTRUCTION: Lie on your back, arms alongside. Raise legs an in Sarvangasan (you may take help of hands on the hips), then lower them overhead, knees straight, ankles stretched, toes pointed and touching the ground. Arms stay on ground as in the beginning, palms on the ground. The posture resembles the shape of a plough.
It helps in digestion and provides good relief for gastric problems and flatulence.The posture also relieves pain in the sacral and the lumber regions owing to the spine being stretched back with better elasticity. This asana also helps the bladder and the prostate gland to remain healthy.
INSTRUCTION: Lie full length on the stomach on the floor with face facing downwards, stretches the hands backwards. Breathe out and lift the head, chest and legs simultaneously as high as possible. The hand and ribs should not rest on the floor.


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