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To stay fit we have to do fitness exercise and yoga and as well as we have to avoid the junk food habit. Junk food which are easy to make and consume. The nutritional value of this kind of food is zero and not only that these kinds of foods are lying with fats it causing ill effect on the health of the consumer. The taste is the most attractive feature in junk foods, so to stay fit we have to avoid the junk foods.Most of the times these junk foods contain colors, those are often inedible, and harmful to the body. These foods and their colors can effect on digestive system and the effect of it emerging after many years. More also studies have found that coloring food may causes hyperactivity and lapse of concentration.

The junk food is popular among the ages between 6 to 12 years also. We all know that the years between 6-12 are a time of steady growth; good nutrition is a high priority. The junk food habits have come from our modernize society.Junk foods are often eaten in instead of regular foods and It effect on our health.The junkfood is making a harmful effect in our body like; its increases the rates of, risk of osteoporosis, Also In thelong run, your heart cannot function as it should because of too much cholesterol absorbed in the body as an effect of junk food on health.

To stay fit and enjoy a dieses free life we have avoid junk food habit. In according to avoid junk food habit we can eat fruit that can save time and also it help to fit our body. Choose water, low-fat milk, or diet sodas instead of regular sodas, fruit drinks, milkshakes, or whole milk. The most important think is to avoid junk food is to make your mind strong avoiding the junk food habit and encourage your mind to eat healthy snacks to stay fit.


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